Wednesday, February 09, 2005

mama never told me don't talk with drunk, aggressive, violent brazillians

me and a buddy were coming home the a few weekends ago from a birthday party when we got surrounded, intimidated then assaulted by a group of guys. they obviously sat on my face; the outcome being what you see in above picture. had to go to the hospital, on top of them stealing all my stuff. pretty big wake up call though. never thought there were any 'unsafe' areas in Nagoya but as all the teachers i work with say, this is a good experience because im able to learn that japan is not a safe country. in the same week, a man with a knife went in to a department store and stabbed a random baby in the head and a little girl. hmm.. anyways, this is probably the worst thing to happen directly to me, so im just trying to laugh about it and get on with my get on.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger HISCANE said...

Fuck, I'm sorry, even if you don't know who this is!


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