Monday, July 25, 2005

You Are 19 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger AliCat said...

Ben told me about this test on your blog and told me I should take it. He was "30", and he's still 29. Ha!

I'm "23!"

That's how I feel, though! Let's just hope that at 30 I still look that way.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger will said...

hey alison.. how can i get in touch with you guys.. i was thinking about you and ben all morning for some reason and was wondering if i had an email or not.. ill check your blog.


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