Monday, April 24, 2006

on the brink.. throw me a bone

well, i mentioned in a previous entry that i would be changing jobs soon. tis true tis true, but it, unfortunatly, couldnt be happening any slower.

since the middle of january i've been interviewing for a liason/translation position with Harmon Intl. i would be working at toyota motor corps. headquarters situated just outside of nagoya. its a great step up, in a direction i would love to pursue (language) as well as a few others i never thought i'd even come close to touching in my lifetime (engineering, business).

needless to say, at the time i was offered the opportunity, i jumped at it full force because i am most definatly ready for a change, after teaching english (in various forms) here in japan for over 4 years now. the interviews were tough, and there were a plenty of em (4) lasting from 10 minutes to 3 and a half hours. by the time march rolled around and the 3rd interview hadn't spawned any offers, i began to worry, until finally, in the middle of march, the offer came through. the offer met, if not exceeded, the expectations i had so that was all fine and good. the catch was i needed to have my current visa switched to a different type of visa, which can be tricky (and time consuming).

i put my notice in to my current job, giving them a months warning, ending my employment on the 28th of april. still waiting for the visa, which most definatly should come through, and i'm not so worried about; its the waiting and the not having a job from this friday that is sending me on thinking trips i havent ever experienced.

i'm pretty stressed out, which came out in a 24hr beer attack with my good buddy ted from friday evening to saturday evening. not the smartest thing to do, but i did it, it felt good while it lasted but made miss kate a bit angry/nervous/stressed and sad. i feel like a total boob. getting my thoughts straight on this is so complex, if i could show you the mile long list of things i have to take care of/do/change that haunts me not only during the day but throughout my dreams ...

i talked to my future boss today about my stresses a little and he gave me some words of encouragement.. felt good, and kate is always giving me good words. i just feel pretty bad that she has to put up with some of my insecurities and stresses on this. im trying my best, and will try even harder to make this easier for her.

on a lighter note, this opportunity is many things, as well as a chance to come back and work in the u.s.a. in very nice shapes. (pool term) .... so, it couldnt get better AFTER the visa changes and i can pull myself out of this sticky, ickey, gooey yuck ass thinking.


feel better.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Will, I thought you were straightedge!!! ;)

It sucks that in order to improve your situation you gotta endure so much stress. Keep ya chin up, bro.

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Robby Rattail said...

you'll make it through. My experience is that the world can only shit on you continuously for a few months at a time. Unless you are ugly, then the world will always shit on you.


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