Thursday, January 26, 2006

life lesson

be sure when you decide to quit drinking, try and remember why you drink in the first place; or why you may have started. it will help you either nip that (why you started), or start drinking again.

sharp thinking isnt the most pleasant frame of mind i like to stew in. i feel like shit. :(


At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Keefe said...

at least you're not deflowering any owls at the moment.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, will. you sound pretty sad. and thinking-yyy. There are so many cliches that go with stopping drinking. Like, a friend of mine told me, 'if you think it will be hard to stop, then you probably should do it". So I was like, `YEH! GUNG HOO! She's so right. But lately, i'm thinking i miss my friends, too much. And if hanging out with my two friends means havin' a beer, then i should challenge MYSELF on a different level. I think moderation might just be harder than just stopping.
And what about genes. What if there is some kind of little gland-y thing in my brain that i got from my pops, which makes me want to chug a whole pitcher of beer rather than just one.??

UGHHH... this comment is not helping you. sorry. I wanted to offer a pat on the head. or... I'm sending a corn-cob knee tickle. That's got to be a Southern thing. and maybe even a nonsense US thing. Do ya'll do those in Japan? But i know it makes people laugh and then want to punch the other person. But since it's long distance, you can't punch me. hee hee
hope you wake up Friday and feel better! bye. -mary

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Church Mchumpinins. I have tried to quit drinking many times. I can go without drinking for long bouts. But when I drink again I get as drunk as ten men and demand homage be payed to the gods of self loathing and badly written, bitter emails to ex girlfriends. Somehow,
I remain well liked, and so do you. D.S., we are the prodigal sons of J. Edgar Hoover and Wallace Shawn.....Gay, weird, and mildly retarded. You can stop the drinking. Just dont beat yerself up when you fall off the horse...hard. That horsey'll be waiting to give you a lil pony ride on down the line time and time again.


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