Sunday, August 21, 2005

cause that's exactly how i'm feelin right about now...

re-posted w/o permission from a one kennie bloggins... please enjoy:

The Night Ol' Rooster Died (aka suckin' pussy blood)
A work in progress...
by Frizzly Rooster
I ain't fuckin' wit no got damn witch
That shit'll kill you.
I ain't fuckin' wit no got damn witch
That shit'll kill you.
Ol' Frizzly Rooster (The Conjure Man)
Got him a taste of that period stew.
Now tell me brothers,
What a folk to do?
Ol' Frizzly Rooster
He went back for more
Sucked on down
on his way to the liquor store
Saw Lightnin' Man
Saw Lightnin' Man
And that's all He could remember.
Man went crazy as hell
Was out 'til September.
When he woke saw a puff o' smoke
Couldn't believe his eyes
Cuz his hair went white.
Said sister sister why'd you do me this way
I once was buck and now my hair is gray
Frizzly Frizzly can't you see
You're my man now and that's how it's got to be.
That's how it's gonna be.

and the following comments:

just stop that.

ms.comrade 08.19.05 - 12:38 pm #


jbd Homepage 08.19.05 - 1:19 pm #

what? have you never heard the legend about a witch putting menstrual fluid in a stew and feeding it to a man to win him over via sorcery? that's what I'm referring to any anything more lowbrow is insulting. get your minds out of the gutter, women. jeez.

kenniebloggins 08.19.05 - 1:38 pm #

.... pure comedy ....


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