Friday, October 28, 2005

time can make a sucka crazy

had too much time off this week. makin me wierd... i tend to turn this websites radio on in the morn and just zone out,.. stare at my computer screen, sofa, hand.. running things over and over in my head. i think im going to explode and/or melt.

good thoughts turn to bad thoughts turn to no thoughts turn to bo duke turn to guilt for NOT playing my video games turn to big mouth syndrome turn to re reading friends websites over and over and over and over and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning .. dottie, wheres my bike.. i know francis took it.

dont let dyar hammer a nail through that poor mans head.. im fully engrossed in my books which is nice.

after the last few weeks, i realize that work keeps money in your pocket (always leaving your pocket), and your mind off of 'it'...

work ... take me away


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