Saturday, October 01, 2005


had a revealing weekend. actually it all started with bluegrass camp the previous weekend and culminated in a documentary i saw last sunday..

bluegrass was fun. ive been camping about 4 times with this funny as hell group of japanese guys that play bluegrass extremely well. this time around i took 2 of my white buddies and everyone had a damn fine time:

... needless to say, a fun weekend.. which then led right into a monday off, tues. weds. thurs. job, and night with DJ Shadow and Keb Darge show at a club near my house... shook my damn tail feather...

quite a few smiles on that night... and a small head ache the next morning..

which led into...

.. my friend named kate came down for the long weekend from her roost in Toyama.. which is just a bit north of me ... anyhoo, she showed up on friday having never met me before, and vice versa. brave lady. she is a buddy of a young man named kyle davis, the yunga brutha of an old friend of mine spence davis (aka chaz) (who has been out of intronet commission for sometime.. for no goddamn good reason at all, im assuming... (toes tapping angrily))...

where was i...

so, i took her out to mamas who was actually cleaning house that night.. she decided she wanted to take us to chinese, telling dirty jokes and giving dirty massages to kate all night long.

the following day was an eye opener for me. after my last year, i havent been the most productive/happy individual the world has seen. between being falsely diagnosed with colon cancer to having my head crushed between some brazillians muscles; this last year doesnt really come in the top 29 at all. ive been complacent to the fact that i have many semi-fulfilling friendships/relationships with some people, japanese and foreign and havent really noticed that this has kind of reinforced my dilemma of zero production, zero creativity and zero goal making. kate and i had a really good weekend. we talked openly without any blocks about many many things. refreshing to the utmost. it was surprising and really shook me up in an amazing way. i was able to see, on my own, some of my etremely bad habits and thinking, and also see ways to correct these things. im hoping to stay the course. i will.

we spent the next day at a museum near my house looking at a pop art exhibit and we also ate at yucky ass japanese dennys.

i was sad to see kate go, but i sent her off with plans to go see her in a few weeks.

after she jumped on a subway, i met my friend heyward to go see a movie called 107+1 Make the heaven. this was absolutely the perfect movie to watch with the weekend i had had. i acutally just looked at heywards blog and he summed it up real good.. and im really fucking tired of typing this epic ass giglgamesh post.

Simply put, it was about a group of people in Okinawa trying to make positive impact on their local surroundings by completing three projects: 1) raising a town's awareness of solid waste management, 2) knitting a 1km long rainbow scarf for children in Afghanistan, and 3) rowing a canoe from Okinawa all the way to Kagoshima.

it was a inspirational in the sense that they want to motivate the viewer to realize that anything they want to do is possible, and to make change in your life, or others lives just takes getting up and doing it. sounds so easy put that way, but we all know its not.

if anyone i know reads this damn thing, im thinking about getting a skype telephone number for the U.S., so anyone can just call my computer for free.. tell me what you think booty lickers. hope all is good with you guys.

see yall later !!!


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