Tuesday, January 17, 2006

been a few weeks...

howdy howdy,.. i've been back for a few weeks. can't say i'm sad or happy. just kind of ... there. i've also decided on (after gorging myself above and beyond bounds unknown to normal people) cutting the booze out of my life. at least for a bit (month, months, years??) wish me luck.

i had a good time back home though and i took some fancy pics.. i thought i'd let you in on those right about now!

sushi in the states... sumo in the states ...

nice englinese... and nice again, 'chin chin' means penis in japanese... gonna have to pass on that one.

cookin some chicken with ole dad... looks like he's a bit cooked too.

ole granddad and little reilly... the baldness comes early..

will put more on later gators.


At 2:25 AM, Blogger apt13.com said...

why have you foresaken me? lack of vehicles and soberness and cel phones have kept us apart once again. looks like i gotta come to japan now....fuck.


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