Monday, November 28, 2005

been a while you ole shits..


sorry for the late post here.. don't want to get in that habit. had a weird couple of weeks. i was headed to one of my jobs during train rush hour about 2 weeks ago when my train was stopped in the station before the one i needed to transfer at. anyone in japan knows that the trains NEVER stop unless its an earthquake, insane amounts of snow, a wreck which also never happens or a suicide. Suicides are a big (problem?) thing in japan (look here or here) and to no surprise to anyone that lives in japan, are often facilitated by using trains.

when my train stopped, i was curious, but didnt think much of it, until we got to the station. once we arrived i noticed that the platform i needed to be on was packed with people, which was odd. exited my train, and then noticed local and prefectural police running around, which immediatly let me in on the fact that it was a suicide. in typical japanese fasion, not one person seemed phased, waiting politely and quietly for the next train to arrive. there were so many people, there was no way i'd be catching the next train to get to my job. i called my company and told them what was happening and they said another teacher had seen the crowd from the other way, so they were aware of the situation, and they contacted the job i was heading to and rescheduled it. in that time another train had actually come and picked up the crowd of people and i was about to switch to another platform when i saw the body bags and the blood.

wasnt too happy about that. ive never seen a body bag, with blood drops near it. dont want to see that either. this led me into a big downward spiral of thinking.. lasted a few days and i really dont think im gonna get in to it on here. feel better now.

got through that, and had a bit of a thanksgiving at heywards house, complete with turkey, dressing and a fukucup of sake,... also a little chocolate asse.

kate (aka ghost boobs) came down on friday to hang out for the weekend. we did a bit o' partyin on friday and saturday night. ended it with a show i had with the band im playing in now. the show went very well, especially for our first.

click the pic to look at some more pics.

we're gonna try and record a demo before i come home for xmas.. (ps, im coming home for xmas dec 13th - 29th .. please come grab me on my parts) tell me if you want one.., and if you want a demo too.


At 5:05 AM, Blogger Robby Rattail said...

Dude, sorry for the body bag that sucks. We are going to be out of town from DEC 22-30, but we should hook up in Athens or Atl before or after. Also, I want a demo.


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