Wednesday, June 08, 2005


i suck. havent done anything except sip on the fine fine wines and beer and sho chu and pee of the metropolis im currently haunting. it's so nice to be back in the city but things are aeons different than the country, as one can expect. the biggest surprise is that country people in japan seem to take to foreigners much better than city folk. very strange, but actually, nagoya is kind of famed for that. a bit of the old ice ass cold not so friendly butt hole syndrome. dont want to catch it.

im gonna get some stuff together. get back busy. start cooking at HOME again

i'll stick some photos and women up here later today.. gotta watch my SOUP!! yum yum

Inuyama Matsuri at the World Expo

this year, Nagoya is the host for the Expo, formally known as the World's Fair. anyways, its a big deal ... a big big big deal, and i was lucky enough to have been on my old town's 'dashi' or float team for the town festival. they had asked me to do it last year, and ive been doing it since then.

for one weekend, all of the float or 'dashi' style festivals were invited to join the Expo, and bring their 'dashi's' to exhibit them and take part in a joint festival. so, our over 400 year old 'dashi' was disassembled and transporting, along with us, down to the festival at around 3am one saturday morning. we built the thing with our hands and partook in the international festivities.. which was mainly.... beer.
its was a great time, here are some pics from the weekend..

love will

me and Mutsura Posted by Hello

smilin Posted by Hello

some of my team members. Posted by Hello

the Inuyama parade.. Posted by Hello

sleepy and cold..  Posted by Hello

very dark Posted by Hello

very cold and dark when we got down on the field. Posted by Hello

some wood work from another 'dashi' Posted by Hello

those animals are scared of me.. Posted by Hello

some wood work from another 'dashi' Posted by Hello

some teams were already there from other towns.. had a head start on getting theirs together. Posted by Hello

had to unload the truck and put the 'dashi' pieces on the ground Posted by Hello

... and we started building ... Posted by Hello

our junk Posted by Hello

the big mama stage up front.. with all of Inuyama's shit strewn out all over the yard. Posted by Hello

not even half way thru.. this was a true bitch. Posted by Hello

they started boogien on the stage..  Posted by Hello

...almost complete... Posted by Hello

Belgian beers.. ooooooo yUmMy Posted by Hello

here's yo mama Posted by Hello

got to get out for a stroll and some beers Posted by Hello

Hitachi's crazy waterfall building Posted by Hello

preparing for the nighttime Posted by Hello

our 'dashi' lit up at night Posted by Hello

Inuyama's 'dashi' Posted by Hello