Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The robot ate me ... slurp

Wireless Intelligent Lifeform Limited to Galactic Repair, Efficient Exploration and Nocturnal Education

found through tone-loc drum machine

Sunday, September 25, 2005


i had an amazing 4 days starting thursday.. will tell more later.. just that im feeling really good and refreshed and non-fat and a smidge pro-active and clean and fast and bulbous.

ta ta

Monday, September 19, 2005

things about me.. again and again and again and again and again .. coff

well, unbeknowenst to most people, i kind of came to japan to take a big vacation (from music (all forums dealing with music and people having to do with music, from shows to playing shows to being in a band to wanting to be in a band to wanting to ever even think that i would want to make any sort of music whatsoever in my life again kind of vacation)) it helps when the shows over here range from around $20 to $50 just to see your average pooty poot poot indie band.

anyways, didnt work.

i kept up enough with music i like.. and have recently been playing with some people,.. slowly.

well... i thought id list off some of the newer things ive been listening too over the last few years, months, days.. ill have to make a list of older things soon...

deerhoof is grand...

like a blonde redhead, sonic youth, melt banana mixarooni. its a wild mama way they have to slap around their intruments the way they do. check out their website for a ton of free tunes to get you on your way!

their touring the states too now.. so go.

dungen shake my fanny

from sweden, making me feel like a big fat old turd, because they're (he is)so young.. make gute musik!! .. the album Ta Det Lugnt is amazing. i'm ready for more, or at least a show. other than the album i'm not too familiar with who they are or what kind of people they are... time only tells.

found out today they're sharing a lineup in atlanta with none other than..........

Prefuse 73 is nuts.

Could'nt even believe it when i found out he was from atlanta.. that'll be a strange show with dungen.. anyways.. amazing music.. check it out. do yo self a flavor and check it/him out.

m83 are french

and they make some big noise.. imagine journey and duran duran trying to cover built to spill with distortion pedals on all of their keyboards. each album is a bit different.. and i think they make an allusion to the auto wreck scene in david lynch's wild at heart. spppppooooooooky!

Calla make me do it

this is great music. (period) .. many many different levels to listen to it.. and each one the ablity to gain something diffrerent is apparent. have a new record coming out soon i believe. yaaalllright.

Limited Express (has gone!) are cute

a japanese band thats been around for awhile.. kind of on the same thing as the new wave freak out/pop bands.. but do an excellent job of it, and a good live show gd! .. check it out when you can stink butts.

this is the acoustic version of Soul Flower Union from japan, who are also usually pretty good.. it's a form of ching-dong or okinawan folk music which is real catchy and danceable. i would dare to say the japanese neutral milk hotel.. please find it and eat it repeatedly...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Corporation

i just finished watching this movie, after also seeing The Yes Men, and im pretty speechless .. anyways, definate must sees for all. and they should also be watched within a few days of each other if not minutes.. wont say anything else just check the sites out.

in other news, i missed my second dentist appointment today.. i bet that guy hates me AND my teeth.

Monday, September 12, 2005

the only post ill make about katrina


i dont feel so justified to get all fired up (personally) about katrina (though i do) because ive been living in another country for almost 4 years now... but, ive been following it quite steadily and these are some of the bright things ive come upon..

a new tv on the radio song ...

words: http://www.tgrec.com/news/detail.php?id=101
song: http://www.tgrec.com/media/3544.mp3

democracy now!

crooks and liars!

think progress

carl soundboard

well, enjoy and for any looosiiiiannans out there.. hope everything gets better soon.