Sunday, October 30, 2005

i hurt myself last weekend

this past weekend was the inuyama fall matsuri or festival that ive taken part in for a little under 2 years now... in the usual festival, we push dashi, or floats around the city and it looks a little something like this:

but seeing as we had already put those suckers out to roost twice this year (once in the beginning of april, and again later in april at the expo) the town festival leaders decided to make a newer/different festival... involving short ho pants, and a float with basically no wheels with a giant taiko drum on top to be carried around the town.. p.s., my pictures arent the greatest due to proximity and large amounts of alcohol consumed.. please bare with me...

the beginning of a long day.. me and mutsura, my towns float boss..

mutsura's mom, and a well endowed young man.

gettin ready to roll, it was about this time i noticed i had a fever.. so the cure for this was..

seemed to work ok..

we moved the float to the front of the town gym, which is located at the foot of the hill that Inuyama castle is on. actually, that link shows some pictures that i will talk about later.. anyways, we plopped the float down and went into the gym just in time to see..

a japanese punk cover band.. hmmm? .. anyways, everybody did high school slam dancing and chicken fights .. a strange addition to a japanese festival.

after a boogie on stage, we went outside to see more random shit..

like fire swinger people and a short taiko session ..

by this point, (as you can see), we were feeling it.. you might say 'in the zone' .. but i'd just say 'stanky'.. thats when our leaders decided to take us up towards the castle, a very very steep incline. its basically a path up a mountain made out of cobble stones.. look here ... it hurt.. bad. but was ridiculously fun and exciting... pictures from here on out suffer a little due to hand/eye inhibitions..

a fun time had by all.. ended with a taco at my friends bar ... a trip/fall head bang in the street in front of a bunch of cars and a kickin fever/cold i caught.. (feelin really stinky right now). but i earned these i do believe from hard drinkin, stinkin and livin over the last few weeks. definatly a sign to take her easy for a bit. but who's complainin! yaaa ha.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Will, lots of great pix and great memories. Very nice. Kevin


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